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Location Shoots


Villa Simonne is centrally located in Houghton, Johannesburg and is a multi-purpose location for photos, films, events and casting interviews.


This unique venue is meticulously themed in both bygone eras and enchanting destinations around the world.  It offers endless possibilities for shoots and film productions and sets the scene for any number of visual stories to be told.


There are 17 individually themed suites which pay tribute to cultural and historical eras such as Olympia, Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. Each suite is elaborately designed and uniquely styled with custom-made furniture and art deco pieces. Custom rental configurations are available upon request for the use of furniture required to suit specific project needs.


The hotel’s public areas are dramatically themed, offering a multitude of set options in one convenient location e.g. the 1920’s Gatsby speakeasy bar, a Greek island themed pool, an 1810 French Napoleon Bonaparte dining room and ancient Greek temples.


The Villa’s production locations are functional, beautiful and ready for their close-up. Offering a wide variety of backdrops and scenery, location scouts will find the perfect setting and mood for every shoot.


Villa Simonne also provides optimum accommodation for film crews, offering discounted rates and special amenities for long-term stays and to cast and crew requesting 7 rooms or more.


The Villa’s central location places groups close to studios and shoots. A separate parking with 30 bays is reserved for trucks and crew; in-house catering is available throughout the day, as well as meeting rooms and conference facilities.

Gatsby Piano Lounge

One-part Paris chic, one-part Humphrey Bogart, a dash of romance, and more than a few wry twists, the Gatsby Piano Lounge is truly one of a kind and a venue your guests are unlikely to forget. 


The venue is infused with energy and pays homage to the days of flappers, gangsters, jazz, prohibition and a whole lot of fun. The mezzanine level is utterly enticing, allowing guests to relax at the Champagne bar or cosy up on antique velvet couches while the lower level houses the main bar, stage and dance floor.  This is Casablanca, Hemingway, Duke Ellington and Capone. This is Dior, Greta Garbo and diamonds. So, round up the usual suspects!


“A little party never killed nobody.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Stairway To The Stars

The rooftop garden terrace provides an enchanting setting atop the Bacchus Bar and Apollo Kitchen. Surrounded by palm trees and graced with lush treetops and natural breezes, the space offers a magical atmosphere as guests dine under the stars. 


“Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Santorini Pool Terrace

Inspired by the legendary island paradise of Santorini, rumoured to be the current-day location of the mythological City of Atlantis, the Santorini Pool Terrace is perfect for formal evening events.


“Gradually the magic of the island settled over us as gently and clingingly as pollen” – Gerald Durrell


Also ideal for informal daytime celebrations, with a full kitchen, gourmet braai area and built-in bar; laid-back daytime celebrations are had in abundance. The sauna is also available for guests hosting pool parties during summer. 

Bacchus Garden Bar

Inspired by the Roman god of wine and intoxication, the Bacchus Garden Bar is set in the lush, enchanting gardens of Villa Simonne. 


Amidst century old trees, the gardens are an oasis of green in the middle of the city and a magical atmosphere for festivities that wear on into a warm summer night. The Bacchus bar may be hired out in isolation for smaller intimate gatherings or in conjunction with Bedouin tents and marquees for larger events. 

The Parthenon

Ancient Greek culture and design come to life in the Parthenon, a large and beautiful space featuring Doric columns and classical statues fit for the goddess Athena herself.


The Parthenon is discreetly tucked away at the bottom of the voluptuous gardens, animated with fairy lights, music, fire drums and candles, creating a unique and memorable backdrop for any event.

The Boma Area

Discreetly located in the corner of the gardens, the Boma blends into its natural environment allowing guests to relax and unwind to the sounds of the African night. The Boma is the perfect laid-back outdoor destination for those looking for an intimate social atmosphere to host friends, family, and, colleagues. 

The Amphitheatre

The Greco-Roman amphitheatre lends any function an air of the dramatic. Uniquely mosaicked, this area has raked seating and is adorned with theatrical statues, masks and ambient candlelight.  


The amphitheatre is often hired in conjunction with larger areas for theatrical performances, fire shows, musical recitals, and provides the perfect dance floor for events held at the Parthenon.

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